Solar water heating systems

Solar energy is free , organic and not pollute .

Solar panels are an ideal solution to produce hot water at low costs.
These solar panels have a very simple principle of operation; captures solar panels, heat and light from the sun's rays and convert them into heat. Then heat from solar panels is transferred to a boiler where it will heat water stored in it will get so hot water and hot water used to heat intake.

The advantages of solar thermal panels for hot water production

  • annual saving of up to 35% on home heating costs if pressurized separate panels
  • Reduced up to 75% of the annual hot water costs
  • Date of these alternative energy systems without service, is over 15 years
  • The lifetime of the systems is 25 cc
  • helping to protect the environment by reducing the emission of CO2
  • 2 years warranty on all solar panels
  • 2-year warranty pumping group, automation
  • Warranty five years in a boiler
  • Free Consultancy choosing the right system to your needs
  • If you want, we can perform installation and commissioning of all systems, with teams of professional installation
  • Amortization of investment is between 3 and 6 years, depending on the type of solar panel installed.

Solar water heating systems, parts and accessories

7 bar pressure relief valve

Warranty: 24 months
Sealing gasket 58 mm outer

Warranty: 24 months

Warranty: 24 months