Solar water heating systems

Water pump inverter used to raise water pressure

Water pump inverter used to raise water pressure
E.sybox is a compact integrated electronic stimulation and pressurized water. This product is especially suited for domestic, residential and light industry, as well as irrigation and gardening purposes. The system includes a pump multistage self-priming, inverter variable speed (maintaining a constant pressure in relation to a flow variable), pressure sensors and flow, pressure vessel 2 L, the valve return and a simple interface easy to use with a high resolution LCD screen.

This complete unit does not require additional devices to be installed. Is an all-in-one that is unique in the market because it can be installed vertically or horizontally.

It is also equipped with a wireless communication system that allows you to create booster sets consist of up to four units without control panels or wires (eg 4-storey block with four stairs)

Frost protection achieved by starting the pump when the temperature drops to freezing temperatures close to that.

E.sybox features and design make the system easily adaptable to any type of installation.

Mounted horizontally or vertically in a ventilated room or a basement, perfect for any room will be a good use of e.sybox that ensure a reduction of at least 30% of the floor space compared to any traditional system .


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