Solar water heating systems

Solar Water Heating for all year round 300 litres

Solar Water Heating for all year round 300 litres
This type of pressurized solar panel is recommended for families consisting of 5-6 people and can operate year-round regardless of weather.

Winter in a sunny day with temperatures of-15 ° C, the tubes can produce hot waterin a proportion of 70% compared to summer.

This type of solar panel can provide hot water in winter, there was no risk of freezing due to the antiinghet agent used that provides heat transfer between the collector Panel and boiler with meandering.

The Panel uses heat pipe evacuated tube generation.

One of the advantages of these tubes is that they will be able to be as performant and cloudy weather, rain or cold.
In case of failure of one of the tubes, it can replace individually without affecting the integrity of the other.

The materials used are of the highest quality in order to eliminate the risk of corodarii.

Package contents:
- the SCOR 30 solar vacuum tubes
- 300 L water heater (h:170cm/D:57cm)
- expansion tank
- Microcomputer
- complete set of sensors and valves
- Wilo pump pressure
- fasteners, fittings, screws, nuts



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